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There are some very unfortunate stereotypes that as we age, sex becomes less important to people. Not a fact! A Trojan SIECCAN report released this week by Trojan and the Sex Information and Education Council of Canada details some very cool stats on adults aged 40-59 yrs. (Here’s another press release with more stats/numbers!)

And there are some really cool stats going on here…

  • 2400 participants aged 40-59yrs
  • 63% interested in trying new things in the bedroom to keep things exciting
  • 65% reported their last sexual encounter was very pleasurable….BUT 50% not discussing what they like sexually with their partners!

And how about the 6 minute rule:

Women who reported 6-10 minutes of cuddling post-sex were more likely to report their most recent sexual encounter as very pleasurable (71%) compared to only 44% of women who reported 5 min or less of post-sex affection.

= Let’s get cuddling everyone!


And condom use…and this is really the bad new bears of the story because it seems that for most people, condoms are simply just associated with pregnancy risk. And once there is no pregnancy risk, people are comfortable going in raw dawg (condomless).

If we only look at singles (1200 of the total sample), of those with more than 3 partners in the past 12 months, 50% of men and 34% of women reported a condom at the most recent sexual encounter.

Do the math, folks!

= 50% of men and 65% of women are not using condoms.

Yes, potentially the most recent encounter was with a committed partner (hopefully they’ve had the STI talk, etc) but methinks that may not entirely be the case.

Have a read through those links…so much going on here.

But let me say this: we need to educate everyone on the importance of STI testing and better communication with their partners!

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