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I’m back on my #casualsexterms soapbox!

I’m still spouting off about the importance of researchers ensuring they use validated terminology when describing these various casual sex terms. But some other important patterns of results emerged in my study, too.

Of 885 participants (majority based in North America; majority under age of 30yrs), 96%, 92%, 81%, and 85% could identify the definitions for One Night Stand, Booty Call, Fuck Buddy, and Friends with Benefits, respectively.


Cool patterns:

1 – sexual intercourse experience was necessary to be able to discern the labels

2 – Women ‘better’ at identifying the labels (makes sense since the costs of casual sex are higher for women versus men)

3 – previous casual sex experience did not affect people’s ability to identify the labels (read: these relationships are pervasive in our culture, in the media, on various social media platforms)

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